Pete’s First Helmet

Look up! Pigs are flying! Pete got a helmet! Somewhere an angel got her wings, or hell has finally frozen over. For over 50 years I have ridden bikes (pedal and motor) without head gear. A product of the 50s and 60s, when my buddies and I rode all over Clarendon Hills on two wheels, nobody had helmets. We didn’t have seat belts in our cars when we started driving either. There was no foam at the bottom of the slide, or under the jungle gym on the playground, just hard packed dirt and gravel – and I have the scars to prove it. It was a different time. 

After raising 3 daughters with more elaborate strollers and car seats than we ever had as kids, covering electrical sockets, putting latches on cupboard doors, watching them participate in Safety City classes in school, wear helmets on bikes – and now THEY are raising kids of their own – with even MORE sophisticated equipment to keep their kids safer still! As I look ahead, and realize I’m bearing down on turning 70, maybe it’s time to take better care of myself. My luck may be running a little thin after all these years of living on the ragged edge. 

For the past 21 months I have tried to get in shape: by moving more (mostly walking and a little Yoga), eating less (and understanding what I eat), dropping 60 pounds (I did it), and climbing out of my alcohol addiction ditch (16 months sober through counseling and AA). It has been quite a journey and the path to sobriety has led me to places I never expected, and a willingness to surrender and accept things I never would have even considered in the past. 

Losing my license for 8 months has been a blessing in many ways (at least it is when I look at it with a positive attitude – and attitude is everything in life). If “need is the mother of invention” then losing my license has helped me get more creative in how I get around. I plan my trips carefully. I’ve used Uber. I’ve mastered using MetroTransit to explore downtown and hopped the light rail to meet the grandkids at the Science Museum in St. Paul, and for a picnic at Minnehaha Falls. After taking Uber to TRIA for a doctor’s appointment I walked 9 miles home on a beautiful spring morning. I’ve walked to Cheers almost every Saturday morning and had several meetings with Lance and Bill about new job opportunities this fall – and walked to all of them. 

The hardest part of this license revocation is seeing my covered motorcycle in the garage on these beautiful spring days and knowing I can’t ride it again until October. I live for my summer rides around the lakes and motorcycle trips to the mountains with my friends. 

Yesterday I got my bicycle down from the rafters and cleaned it up. I degreased the chain and put fresh oil on all the moving parts. I grabbed my new backpack and headed out for a ride. This could be the next step in my diet and exercise plan – and give me another mode of transportation if I can stick with it and not get discouraged. I headed down Golfview and over to the bike trail. I wanted to pick up a lemon and some cocktail sauce for the shrimp I got yesterday so a ride to Kowalski’s was my mission. While only a couple of miles, it felt like I had completed the Tour de France when I finally arrived. I walked into the store on my wobbly legs and picked up my things. Next door to Kowalski’s is Erik’s Bikes and I went in to look around. A half an hour later I walked out with my first helmet and a lot of information about seats, derailleurs, brakes, apparel, and had a knowledgeable technician check out my handlebars and seat for proper ride positioning. 

There is a Caribou Coffee close by so I stopped for a cup of coffee and sat at a table outside where I could keep an eye on my bike, fine tune the helmet strap adjustments, and snap a selfie of me wearing my new helmet to text to my wife and kids. 

Yes, pigs must be flying today. I smiled all the way home. I’ve come a long way, and not just on the bicycle. 


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