Two old dogs

Papa and Nana are watching the grandkids this weekend in Woodbury. Saturday afternoon went great – we stuck to the detailed script left by Megan. Meals, activities, baths, reading stories, singing, and watching “Cars 2” before bed – all happened without a hitch. When things finally got quiet after the kids were tucked in I looked at Veloice and said “we used to do this everyday.” Nana sighed. A few minutes later I was on my way upstairs to go to bed. It was only 8:30. 

Two dogs’ noses were in my face at 3 AM – they needed to go out. Senior bladders, like mine. Afterwards, Hershey starts bumping her empty dish around – she eats in the morning. Bailey stands by, jealous, because she eats in the evening. I pacify Bailey with a couple pieces of her food while Hershey cleans her dish. 

Both dogs are almost blind, and Hershey doesn’t like stairs anymore. I carry her up and put her on the bed next to Veloice. Where’s Bailey? I can’t leave Hershey on the bed – she may try to follow me and jump off the bed (which would probably mean a visit to the Doggy ER). I carried her back downstairs to look for Bailey. She is standing in the dark, in the middle of the living room, totally lost. Hearing me come back into the room (sorta, her hearing is going too), brings her relief and joy. Poodle Alzheimer’s. 

The whole ordeal took me half an hour. Bailey figured out that it was Papa, not dad, so it must be time to play! Now I can’t get them back upstairs to bed. 

While I wrote this, curled up in an overstuffed chair downstairs, both dogs are now snoring at my feet. The peace and quiet is nice. Looks like I’ll just be dozing down here for the rest of the night. 

Babysitting the kids is easy, the two old dogs on the other hand…  I wouldn’t trade a moment. 


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